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Ministerial / Ovale Studio

Serena Ministerial

Immediately after the Second World War, the first living room and work lamps appear together with the first mass-productions of lamps and luminaires. On these forms, a standard shape is created in the collective imagination. This shape finds its expression in the Serena Ministerial version.

Serena Ovale

On the other hand, Serena Ovale Studio, inspired by the same concept, is influenced by the series of objects that populated the executives’ desks in those years. Quoting the “style” of Pietro Portaluppi, on whose desk the lamp is photographed in this catalogue, Serena Ovale Studio welcomes everyday objects on its base. A function now forgotten.

Technical information

Serena Ministerial

  • Weight
    5 Kg
  • Wire
    150 cm

Serena Ovale Studio

  • Weight
    5,2 Kg
  • Wire
    150 cm
  • Circadian Cycle
  • Touch

Steel, aluminium, brass.

  • Ivory (RAL 1014)
  • Matt black (RAL 9005)
  • Matt red amaranth (RAL 3005)
  • Matt dark blue (RAL 5008)
  • Matt grey (RAL 7044)
  • Green (RAL 6021)